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Bhagyalaxmi Block Boards are best premier quality range of block boards includes BWP and MR grade block boards. Chemically treated & kiln seasoned selected hardwood battens are set as block boards core. The machine dried hardwood veneer and a layer of high quality face veneer is used for the surface and is set and hot pressed in a process similar to that of a flush doors. A specific stress-relieving process is employed to keep the product dimensionally stable.

Applications Except manufacturing of furniture, the ply-woods and block boards are used for various interior applications like paneling, partitions, kitchen cabinets, and wardrobes. Bhagyalaxmi Block Boards is made from blocks of woods as per the specifications IS: 1659. It is two grades-interior grade and exterior grade. Bhagyalaxmi Block Boards are generally used for furniture and interiors. Timber used in the block boards is seasoned under controlled temperature and humidity to get uniform moisture and sterilized during the seasoning to kill wood destroying organisms.

Cutting edge technology and special composing ensure that Bhagyalaxmi Block boards are totally plain and uniform. Utmost care is taken to ensure no gaps, overlapping or corrugation which eliminates the chance of opening up of the board when cut. Bhagyalaxmi Block boards are also totally resistive to termite, borer and other wood destroying organisms. They give exceptional strength and durability to your wall cabinets, wardrobe, cupboards and other furniture woodwork. Your carpenter will find it easy and hassle-free to work with them since they provide additional grip for screws and nails. Bhagyalaxmi Block boards are available in commercial and waterproof varieties for interiors as well as exteriors.

Quality control is maintained to make these block boards absolutely free from corrugation and unevenness. Bhagyalaxmi Block Boards can be easily laminated without any deformity. Block Boards does not expand, contract or wrap like solid wood. Block Board has high dimensional stability with high mechanical properties and excellent screw holding capacity.

Block Boards usage in :

  • Cabinets, cupboards, wardrobe and other furniture.
  • Doors, partitions, shelves and other interior applications.
  • Roofing, fencing and other external applications.

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