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Bhagyalaxmi Moulded doors are the best in the standards while comparing to the other manufacturers products. Our moulded doors are ideal choice because of their stability, durability and perfectness. We are manufacturing large range of moulded doors, moulded panel doors, which are of quality, superior design, highly durable and comprehensive workmanship.

Moulded doors are built on the same structure that flush doors are made. The only vary is that the surface material is a moulded skin made of MDF. Moulded door’ skins can be made using hard boards. Moulded door are generally used as an interior door.

Moulded interior doors are the most famous type of door available nowadays. And Bhagyalaxmi wood industries offer the best selection to outfit a diversity of design and performance requirements.

Bhagyalaxmi fetch composed high technology and elegant look to offer you most than you require. You have a choice to make whether you select authentic wood grain look or gorgeously smooth finish. The Bhagyalaxmi moulded door range is the best way to enhance quality, character and elegance to any interior.

Moulded Door Features:

  • Cost effective option to solid wood appearance
  • Large range of variety
  • Custom size availability
  • Selection of wood grained or smooth finish
  • Pre-primed to stain or paint
  • Accurately made

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