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A common reason for using plywood instead of plain wood is its resistance to cracking, shrinkage, twisting/warping, and its general high degree of strength. Also, plywood can be manufactured in sheets far wider than the trees from which it was made. However, its usage has increased to the extent that it cannot be done without. Whether in the areas of constructions, interior designing or furnishing, plywood has become an essential part of our lives. The use of plywood came to the fort since it is ideal building material for fighter aircraft.

Bhagyalaxmi Plywood manufacturing company has a range of plywood products to serve you for your every possible need. Each of these can be trusted implicitly since they are manufactured under the most stringent conditions, which means that they are built to last and are sure to serve the purpose for which they have been created.

Plywood is Useful in exterior applications as it can withstand all vagaries of weather. Plywood is also suitable for multi-purpose structural applications. We provide a variety of plywood products. Our exclusive ply wood are tried, tested and accepted by leading architects, consultants, interior designers and carpenters alike.

Plywood made under stringent quality norms, this versatile ready to use Plywood is the preferred choice for wood work. Plywood is ideal for use in hot & humid climatic conditions, where there is lot of moisture in the air. This commercial plywood is made from seasoned hardwood core bonded with Urea Melamine Formaldehyde under computer controlled temperature and pressure. It is fully powder proof, termite and moisture resistant, re-usable and therefore very economical.

Suggested Areas of Application:

All kinds of interiors applications, exquisitely designed for use in furniture, cupboards, wardrobes ceiling, paneling and packaging

  • Commercial Plywood : Kind of plywood with external plies made of hardwood veneers. Inner plies might be made of different types of veneers.
  • Marine Plywood : Exterior and Interior :on the basis of phenol-formaldehyde (PF) glue, for use in exterior and interior conditions
  • Filmfaced plywood : for shuttering and for building of concrete formworks, in industrial buildings for floors and working platforms in production units, platforms of scaffoldings, lining or paneling of walls, for construction of inner walls, floors and ceilings, for building facades, etc.

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